Prof. E. Dilip de Silva

Senior Professor of Organic Chemistry, Chair in Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Natural Products Reserch Group 2015-2016

We have a group of talented and motivated researchers including doctoral students, masters students and undergraduates.

Endophytic Fungi

Endophytic Fungi lives within a plant for at least part of its life. They are capable of producing medicinaly importnat secondary metabolites.

Marine Algae

Sri Lanka being a tropical country provide habitats to a large number of marine algae. Secondary metabolites isolated from marine algae have shown a high level of pharmacological potential.


In bio-assay guided fractionation bio-assays are conducted against clinically important bacteria and fungi in each step of purification of extracts.



We are the Natural Products Research Group of Prof. E. Dilip de Silva, University of Colombo, dedicated to the investigation of Sri Lankan natural sources for the presence of biologically active compounds.

Our Natural Products Research Group directed by Prof. E. Dilip de Silva is part of the active research community on the Department of Chemistry,University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are investigating largely untapped Sri Lankan natural sources for the presence of biologically active novel compounds which can be developed into novel drug candidates. We are also interested in search of novel structural scaffolds. Our research has mainly focused on marine invertebrates (mainly sponges and mollusks), marine algae and endophytic fungi as natural sources of biologically active compounds.

Our research group is consisting of undergraduate and graduate students. If you are interested in natural products chemistry and joining our group feel free to contact Prof. E. Dilip de Silva directly. Our laboratory is located at room 505, 5th floor, Department of Chemistry. Feel free to visit us too.